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SamsonRubicon R8A Monitors

R7 350.00
SamsonRubicon R8A Monitors
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Samson Audio Rubicon R8A Active Studio Monitors (pair)
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Studiophile BX8a Deluxe - 130-Watt Bi-amplified Studio Reference Monitors

Recording professionals around the world trust M-Audio Studiophile™ reference monitors for exceptional sonic accuracy. The new Studiophile BX8a Deluxe system builds on this legacy with new waveguides and enhanced driver integration for greater high-frequency clarity and refined sound. The magnetically shielded monitors feature 8” curved Kevlar low-frequency drivers plus high-temperature voice coils and damped rubber surrounds for durability and fidelity. The 1-1/4” natural silk, waveguide-loaded tweeters deliver a high end that’s both clear and easy on the ears. Custom-tuned crossovers distribute 130 watts of bi-amplified power for optimal frequency handling by each driver.

Deluxe edition:

The Studiophile BX8a Deluxe monitors update the best-selling M-Audio BX8a system with a variety of enhancements. The new waveguide delivers a cleaner sound. Custom amplifier tuning enhances the integration between the high and low frequencies, delivering refined spectral balance and a smoother response. An elegant new industrial design completes the package.

Top Features:

  • exceptional driver integration > well-balanced sound with superior detail
  • 1-1/4” waveguide-loaded high-frequency drivers > excellent clarity
  • 8” Kevlar low-frequency drivers > high resilience and durability
  • 130 watts of bi-amplified power with crossover > dedicated reproduction of high and low frequencies
  • magnetic shielding > electronic equipment coexists without interference

Full Features:

  • Two-way studio reference monitors
  • Deluxe edition delivers extended high-frequency response and refined sound
  • 130 watts of continuous bi-amplified power
  • 8” low-frequency drivers with:
  • curved Kevlar cones
  • high-temperature voice coils
  • damped rubber surround
  • 1-¼” high-frequency drivers with:
  • natural silk domes
  • integrated waveguides
  • magnetic shielding
  • XLR balanced and ¼” balanced/unbalanced inputs
  • volume control
  • power indicator


  • frequency response: 40Hz-22kHz
  • crossover frequency: 2.2kHz
  • low-frequency amplifier power: 70 watts
  • high-frequency amplifier power: 60 watts
  • maximum signal-to-noise (dynamic range): > 100dB (typical A-weighted)?
  • polarity: positive signal at + input produce outward LF cone displacement
  • input impedance: 20k ohms balanced,10k ohms unbalanced
  • input sensitivity: 85 mV pink noise input produces 90dBA output SPL at one meter with volume control at maximum
  • power: factory programmed for either 115V ~50/60Hz or 230V ~50/60Hz
  • protection: RF interference, output current limiting, over temperature, turn-on/off transient, subsonic filter, external mains fuse
  • cabinet: vinyl-laminated MDF
  • size: 12” x 10” x 15”; 30.48cm x 25.4cm x 38.1cm
  • weight: 26.4 lbs./unit; 11.97 kg

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